August Morning, Full Moon

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August Morning, Full Moon



Liner Notes: 

The first verse describes the scene I was witnessing as this song began to come to me. I knew there would be a full moon-inspired skirmish later in the day, but this seemingly simple song actually took a couple of days and a few more looks at the moon to get just right.


August morning, 10 til 5
Full moon so alive
Early bird, croaking toad
Full moon guides me down the road

August morning, nature song
Day slows down, not for long
Something howls, mournful sound
Full moon shining down

August morning moment ends
With or without me it’ll come again
Into the day, whatever I find
Full moon always in my mind

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cindyrella's picture

What a great feel to this one! Love the harmonica and love a good moon song!

1B King's picture

Love the harp Chip. Watching the moon is good for the soul and it obviously inspires to leave our troubles behind.

colgoo's picture

Harmonica and guitar really pull these lyrics together. Nice song, Chip.

Vom Vorton's picture

I love moon songs, and this one has a gentle contemplative feel to it that is soothing and thought-provoking. Good work!

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Love the line "without or without me it'll come again". The lyrics seem to reveal the power of nature, and connects it to time, with the full moon in the early morning, but almost a different time to that of the narrator of the song. Lovely imagery, works really well, and sounds good.