Shut Up and Listen!

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Shut Up and Listen!



Liner Notes: 

So, this was spurred by a comment some guy made today on a Facebook group I'm in. He decided that there was too much feminine discussion of inequality in church settings and decided to mansplain to the rest of us how we weren't doing can imagine the fiery wrath and indignation he faced.

Anyway, instead of apologizing, he got defensive and that was when the feminists who've been on the front lines for the past 20, 30, 40 years decided to take him to task. I decided to synthesize the gist of the conversation into song form.


Do you have a death wish, or you're just that foolish,
When you go on Facebook and begin to troll?
You toss some word grenades; then we pull out our blades performing surgery on your man-splainin' soul.

You said, "Dear ladies, wake up, dear ladies,
The reason you're oppressed is your own damn fault.
Survival of the fittest means you've got to protest.
You're not doing enough to change your lot."

Shut up and listen
You're taking our air.
Shut up and listen
If you really care

Wanna be an ally? Then you really oughta try
Closing your mouth; using your eyes.
We don't need your spark to pull us out of park...
Get off your tricycle and let us drive!


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That's cool that you did this. I just wrote a Shut Up song too, but it's nothing like this.

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Bad. Ass. I love the rhythm. You tell em, sister! Is there anything worse than a man trying to tell women about feminism and victim blaming?!

It's "imperative" week and this is the perfect take on that!

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Get off your tricycle and let us drive! That is a great line! Sorry you had to write this but there are definitely too many folks out there like that.

Yup, "sit down, shut up and write your ... check" Wink

I like it, --really. Well done. There has to be a place for these songs, just not entirely sure where... --maybe we need a "sit down, shut-up" ministry. Many folks who are "shut up" in their affliction of group think and mob mentality, so to speak.

SoDerUgo Smile

Also, I'd label it, "honest defense" (not "feminist rant"). My Mom was an "original" feminist... she *loved men, "hated" "women" (if you think about that, makes sense, in a general manner of speaking), just thought herself a human being who would be heard. I remember being, I think 18yo, maybe 16yo listening to her, --frustrated. I said, "hey, the Lord gave you a mouth, like all the rest, find your voice and use it". It was one of those life "moments" where you know you made a connection with someone, and it made a difference. It in particular made a difference "around the house", for "us", her children (two boys who she wanted to be "men")... but, leave that for another forum.

I love women..., one of the better produced models of human-being I see Wink I happen to think not taking krappe from an idiot (any kind of idiot) is reassuring that if I'm down for the count, (as manly a man as there ever was a man Smile ), -- my life-mate very girly petite wife *will take an *axe to anyone who would leverage that, --that's "sexy", well, for me how I see it.

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Sassy ... lovely and really good performance and lyrics. Very catchy chorus.

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I LIKE this. This is very relevant and energized. Please feel free to song rant any time you like!

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The anger and derision are palpable; your vocals broach no argument, and is enthralling to hear. The fact that you manage to make such a statement of seething annoyance a pleasure to listen to, between the melodic guitar and impassioned vocals, is an additional bonus. Wonderful distillation of real-world righteousness into a fine song that's simultaneously poppy and powerful.