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Liner Notes: 

This is my attempt at anadiplosis (Yay! I learned a new word!)


1. Wasting time
Packages, papers piled,
Projects postponed for a little while.
Pulling me, pushing me, pushing me, pulled to
Wasting time in bed with you.

2. In bed with you
Naked, musty, must we
Face our failures, fumbling forward
To a future we can't see?
Pushing you, pulled to me
In bed under the covers,
Wasting time
Wasting time

Time ticks toward termination
Determining priorities
In acts of desperation
Pulling me, pushing you
Time to face the music
What will we do?

3. Waste of time
Spam fills up our email boxes
We decide our future
By the things we ignore
In bed with you
Cuddled in our den like foxes
Time stands still. Time flies
We want more.

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Whoa!! Is this really time wasted? Cherish those crazy times of passion! You capture so well how it can encompass every thought every moment! And yes then the aftermath - time lost in desire. Well done! Beautiful music!

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Your voice is so gorgeous. Such a sweet take on procrastination. My favourite lines are "Naked, musty, must we / Face our failures, fumbling forward / To a future we can't see?" - great alliteration, and the musty/must we wordplay is so satisfying.

(and I also had to go look up anadiplosis!)