In the Stairwell

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In the Stairwell



Liner Notes: 

When I saw the week 4 challenge, I considered how my stairwell is one of the busiest rooms in my home. I go up and down the two stairwells in my home, several times a day: taking the dog for a walk, picking up mail, bringing up and down laundry, welcoming guests, etc. So this is my ode to an oft-neglected "room" in the house.


Cleared of clutter
Empty echoes
Left to utter
What our life shows:
Baseboard bruises
Nicks on railing
Chips in the paint
Footsteps fading

A century of stories told
In the stairwell, in this stairwell
Up and down, round and round
In the stairwell, in this stairwell
Births and deaths, weddings, divorce
They've all been here, of course
In the stairwell (3x)

Toddler's first steps, first day of school,
Teenage tantrums, "Wish I was cool!"
Visitors come, family leave
In a cycle of love and grief


First half of verse 1

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Great idea and great song.I love how you wound life events into it. Nice one!

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I love your combination of tender/soaring vocals, throughout this song. It has that feel of wrapping up a lifetime of emotions into a 2 minute flashback. Very nice!

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Wonderful vocal/music combo - tension and release, ebbing and flowing drama. Lovely, evocative words. Memorable song!

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I love the feelings expressed in these lyrics - describing the dents and bruises of the stairwell, and of life. Really poignant!

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I like that chorus a lot. And that second verse says it all. I like this lyric a lot.