Sit Down Shut Up Write Your Check

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Sit Down Shut Up Write Your Check




Liner Notes: 


Well, --here's another song that will never be heard after "here" ? ...

-- Yes, I had a particularly bad night last night and yes, guess where!!! OMG! I'm there 9pm doing them a favor asked, begged to do and I get decades of krapped heaped upon me... me and my wife left to much confusion in another part of the building that did not hear the violent yelling from two other fellows. Yes, indeed. I finally lost it on the way out... -- when someone's leaving, walking out... let them... indeed the discussion ? is in fact over.

So, this is yet another sad song about which, I really just don't get, --truly.

-- Tell me, if you don't understand someone, think they're an idiot ("me"), -- why keep begging them to do stuff for you? Only in an American Church, -- I guess. Maybe I'll try my heritage and seek out a Jewish Temple? Is it any better? Is this what drove the folks in the middle-east to madness? Smile ...


I can't blame the people
For not coming in
Wolves in sheep clothing
D sus
Waiting to begin

Sit down, shut up, and write your phuching check [Note: likely removing that word when my anger subsides; just doesn't feel right w/o it, OMG!!! Hard to believe]
We only need your money,
as for you what the heck

We were warned this will be
See the Revelation
Lukewarm, spat out
Will be their destination

The seats are all empty
And the building is knee-dy
Join in at your peril
You'll be wearing a barrel

D Am Em C
Keep your wants, keep your needs
On your knees with your God
He's not here for you
Just sit in your pew

(Chorus) 3x's

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Sorry to hear you're having this frustration with your church. Glad you can channel your anger into a song. Very powerful emotion comes through this song.

Yes, thanks, -- and I know your special perspective on this... --so, thank you for the feedback!

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this song reminds me of a time i was out busking and a guy came up to me and asked me did i want to sing i song in church, I was stoned at the time so i said yes, next day i turned up and sang amazing grace in front of about 100 people, the whole thing was surreal, i think its a good song if it can revoke a memory from me

Smile ... yup, indeed Smile

-- thank you!

(Feeling pretty shaty ta-day)

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Interesting topic - and keep the *&^%ing, it expresses the anger of this song. The staccato chorus also fits well with the lyrics.

Thank you for that feedback, -- yes, the two items I "was" wondering about --thanks!

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Oh.....I can so relate. Having stayed too long in a church that truly didn't appreciate my gifts, it can be hard to start anew. Hope you find a spiritual community that feeds your soul.

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Sorry to hear of this. Especially knowing other stuff. I guess I can count my blessings--two great communities in a row. Love where I am now. I hope that's soon at hand for you and your wife.

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Very powerful. Resonates for me because one of my pet peeves -- I guess it's really stronger than that -- is hypocrisy. Too many people out there who want to run our lives but don't practice what they preach. Hope the song helped you!