I don't want to go inside

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I don't want to go inside



Liner Notes: 

Inspired by @oneslowtyper Lonely Garden *23591 a sad song about death of a spouse
I don't want to explore that, as much as trying to convey strong emotions in a chorus. If that makes sense?
I only have 15% battery, so I need to work fast or go inside. I'm sitting in our garden, such as it is.


The shade is thick behind our house
Scattered sunbeams light the grass by our garden
Mynahs calling from the treetops

Areca palms stand silent in the fading light
Purple vinca flowers folding for the night
Neighbors talk in windblown whispers

I don't want to go inside
I promise I'll be quiet
Maybe we could sit here in the garden
Watch the moon climb over the mountain
You're beautiful in starlight
I don't want to go inside

Inside where the bills wait
People screaming on tv
We could bring our dinner out
And you could sit with me


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Yes, the peacefulness of the garden as a retreat from the pressures and requirements of life comes through clearly in this lyric.

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Thank you @iveg for the acknowledgement... and I had to laugh when I saw your phrase "I only have 15% battery, so I need to work fast" - How many of us know exactly what you're talking about, maybe we both need to replace our batteries. LOL
I love how descriptive every verse is, 'sunbeams lighting the grass' can easily be pictured by anyone who has ever sat under a tree, and noticed those little slivers of light that get thru and shine a brilliant light on patches of lawn all around you.
I couldn't agree more with your final verse.