So Much More Than This

So Much More Than This

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Liner Notes: 

Inspired by [@ChipWithrow] More Than This *23587 a five minute gentle guitar/ harmonium meditation piece.


Gazing in the distance with my glasses off
Palm trees wave against the white of stratus clouds
Traffic on the highway making ocean sounds
Rumbling like waves

Close my eyes to try to smell the summer breeze
Air is warm with fresh cut grass and frangipani trees
Contemplating alternate realities
As the children play

There's so much more than this
There's so much more than this
I'm floating in a bubble,
And life is just a wisp
There's so much more than this
There's so much more than this

Heat of day will fade into the cool of night
Ignorance can change to hate or to delight
I can dwell in anger or pursue what's right
The choice is mine


And even as I age
So much of this will fade
The strength of youth will gray and pass
Like the summer grass


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Wow, there are some killer lines in there! Chip has been a busy guy, inspired me to write one of my better ones, also.
I have no idea what a frangipani tree is... of to google I go. LOL