More Than This

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More Than This



Liner Notes: 

First minute and a half is a live performance from a yoga class I taught a couple of weeks ago. Then comes a longer version in which harmonium plays the "More than this" mantra/melody line.
The title came to me as, I suppose (or like to think, at least) a realization of our true nature during meditation.



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Got interrupted partway through. So went back and listened to what I missed. So many possible meanings to "more than this". I'm going to spend a little time, see where i go with a song. I know it will be much wordier Smile

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I am very into simple mantras. They do the mind and body so much good. More than this is such a wonderful thing to say. I totally believe that we are so much more. Love the way the harmonium blends with the guitar. It's very smooth and soothing. This is a really lovely meditation piece.

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The simplicity is very appealing. And I like the harmonium, that's a great sound. I've thought about getting one... But I have an old accordion which has a similar function, so never indulged that urge. But I like the sound of it here.

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Beautiful combination of guitar and harmonium! I could have listened even longer. I like having that inviting seed of thought at the beginning and then non-verbal the rest of the way. I like the variety between droning and carrying the melody with the harmonium. You are really finding your way with the instrument!