Listening to Blondie

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Listening to Blondie



Liner Notes: 

Trying to write a song while:
Someone's Listening to instrumental of "Heart of Glass" over and over and over, one of those karaoke sites.
Real Housewives of Bitchy-Drunkville is on the tv
Kids are running around upstairs.

My hair's never been bleached and spiky. Don't think I ever went to NYC. So this is maybe more about living a version of a dream (a dirty punk dream?) than anything to do with reality or my own nostalgia.

DEC 2017. Just finished demo. Looking at words, I realized I need to swap lines. Both verses work better if I move line 3 to line 5, line 5 to line 7, and line 7 to line 3. And riding would be better as cruising. AC's grinding


AC's dying
Air's a hot and heavy weight
Housewives on the tv screen
And I can't concentrate

Drum machine is pounding
Running footsteps overhead
Heart of Glass is blaring
Kicked back on my bed

Listening to Blondie
New York back in 83
Dive like CBGB's
12 inch vinyl LPs
Cruising in a Cutlass
Hair all bleached and spiky
Camouflage and leather
Listening to Blondie

Baby is crying
Errands to be run
Buying food at Costco
Roasting in the sun

Rolling down the windows
Toyota mini van
Heart of Glass is blaring
Suddenly I am


It's like a time machine to places I have never been
Crank the volume, singing loudly once again, and I'm


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Really great look back to that time with many good lines. I like this!

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Hi- I would like to try and collab on this one- do you mind if I have a go with adding to your lyrics? I can go try to do some music and vocals right now.