If You Don't Enjoy The Journey

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If You Don't Enjoy The Journey



Liner Notes: 


Actually the first part of the Track are the liner notes... soDerUgo...

-- So, as derived from the Forum this morning engaging, a slow down in creativity... music is where you find it, no matter where you go, derUare Smile

======Edit in later======


The forum of which I speak Smile ...

I've been so focused with digging through old stuff/notes, it's a different mind set. So, when get "hit" with a lyric idea will get back to, notes, again... Smile


G v^v^v^v^ /// v^v^v^v^ v^v^v^v^ /// D (sus)
"if you don't enjoy the journey; with no destination; you'll never make the trip"

G / /
If you don't enjoy (2x)
D (sus)
If you don't enjoy life's gifts...

F Am G
Don't fall into life's tricks

Life get's last licks

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It's a nice little tune. You're right too, music and inspiration can be found anywhere.

Hey we get to hear your speaking voice! Smile Your song is an optimistic piece amidst the mid-50/90 slug. Simple, but true lines in your lyrics. Life's got lots of tricks up its sleeve. But there are gifts too. Other than the obvious death, I'm not really sure what the destination is... I think it's interesting how you sing in a different voice from your speaking voice, but maybe we all tend to do that too, in varying degrees. Anyway, well done!

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Would you read and record me a story? Pleeeeaaaassse! I could listen to your speaking voice all day. I particularly love the Jersey accent! I can understand how radio found you! So personable, soothing and full of character. You should do voice-overs!

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Beautiful voice. I like the tune. Nice message.