Arrowroot (DEMO Aug 11)

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Arrowroot (DEMO Aug 11)




Liner Notes: 

I'm actually going to record a full demo for this. I need something for Circle of Titles. I'm horribly overdue.


Arrowroot was a knight banned from the round table
Highly gluten intolerant, his body was not able
To process his daily bread and his daily beer
Deadly gasses passing out, thru his armored rear

The damsels called him Tootsalot, the butt of every joke
The courtiers made farting sounds, every time he spoke
The other knights said "You can't charge, always stay downwind"
Even stinky beggar folk would laugh and point at him

Arrowroot, Arrowroot

Arrowroot felt sad and hurt, which sapped his will to fight
Captured by some cannibals, they thought they'd roast the knight
They built a roaring fire, and tied him to a spit
His gasses were explosive, blew the cannibals to bits

Arrowroot, Arrowroot

Arrowroot's a mighty hero, so he's changed his meals
He cut out wheat, drinks water, and he checks out how he feels
He always eats a loaf of bread before entering cannibal lands
What seems like weakness can be strength, Arrowroot understands

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Ha! This is so funny and original! Let me know where you record it.

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Oh the music goes well with it! Your vocals brings it to life even more!