Miles Away

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Miles Away




Liner Notes: 

Fuzzy here;
@AndyGetch allowed me to do one of my very favourite things, musically - he sent me some raw tracks and let me experiment with them in the Secret Underground Fuzzy Music Laboratory.
So really, I guess I "produced" this track as the only sounds I added were the birds in the background, although I did do a fair amount of manipulation.

I'm always conflicted about this kind of thing; is it a "real" Collab if all I did was manipulate someone else's sounds??
You'll have to ask Mr. Getch his opinion.

Sure is fun to do, though.

Headphones, as usual.

AndyGetch here:
@Fuzzy took my weird tracks aiming for Brian Eno-solo-esqueness, straightened some out, bent one some more, straightened part of the bent one out, then used another one as a tuning fork. The studio as an instrument counts as a collab in my book!


Miles away from passenger trains.....

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I like how you two appeared to have done a collab, because you sure both have a way of improvising a great deal. I like the (somewhat loud) bird sound, they add a lot to the rich in feeling soundscape. Also the echo of 'again' is pretty awesome. Glad I'm able to listen on head phones again.

SimonWaldram's picture

Sparse and dreamy - like Low covering Red House Painters. Very nice collab.

Technicolor Gramophone's picture

Very Eno-esque! Beautiful ethereal feel to the whole thing. Like a man floating above trees in some alternate universe.

Silver Machine's picture

Man, this is Syd Barrett in an aviary, or maybe a flock of birds in Syd Barrett? It's hard to say which.
I really dig this y'know, theres weirdness and beauty here. Totally Psychedelic.

TomS's picture

Yes, it is a real collaboration. Send it back to Andy and have him manipulate your manipulations! This is gorgeous.

standup's picture

Yeah, this is real. I bet the sounds I'm hearing here are quite different from what Andy sent you. Fun, engaging tune. There are some great blasts of steam here and there, it's an avian foundry or steel mill, clearly. Nice sampling/echo-ing to build up the sound. The birds sound like they are having fun, not menacing, not planning to shred Andy into suet or anything. Fun tune.

French Cricket's picture

This is truly wonderful and easily one of the best collabs I've heard on hear so far. Kind of like early Animal Collective, when they were still in their druggy folk period. And fuzzy, I've claimed collab credit for a lot less! I love all the weird panning and fx.

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This is very cool. I love the combination of the dreamy FX-laden guitar and the more clean keyboard sounds. The vocal / lyrics has a sort of beat poetry vibe. Kinda reminds me of the album that William S Burroughs did in collaboration with Sonic Youth and other alt-rock types.

Rob From Amersfoort's picture

This is indeed cool cause I can still recognize Andy and in the same time it is relaxing with the birds and all, this vibe fits the lyrics well too.

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You do have a way with panning, Fuzzy. You'll have to show me how you do it. I can never seem to get it right.
This definitely sounds like the both of you. On one side, it sounds happy, with the birds and the guitar and the airiness, and one the other side it's darker, with the vocal bouncing around and sounding far away and the deep bass and disjointed melody. What a great combo of sound!

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A mix of dreamy with a bit of a haunting feel...very cool! This would be great as a backtrack of a movie scene!

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Nice... this has all kinds of psychedelic spaces in/through it... very trance inducing... it sort of creates its own sense of time... beautiful really...