If You Kill All Your Friends

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If You Kill All Your Friends


Liner Notes: 

It's almost 4 am. I have half an hour to write a song. I have a bunch of ideas on scraps.
I won't tell you the real life inspiration for this quote.


If you kill all your friends, you won't have anyone to play with
Anyone to stay with
Anyone at all
If you kill all your friends, you won't have anyone to talk with
Anyone to walk with
Anyone at all

Sun is setting so you drive down to the beach
Your girlfriend's acting crabby you decide to teach
Her a lesson about how sodden sudden death can be
You stab her in the back and throw her body to the sea


You head out the front door at the crack of dawn
Some slimy lizard friend is passed out on the lawn
You attack him, then spit him out, you're such a tease
You know you're going to kill him before you ever set him free


So excuse me if I seem less than thrilled to be your friend
I've hung around long enough to see how your relationships end


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Dark indeed - an appropriate mood for a 4 AM write! Very well done and very unsettling - "Maxwell's Silver Hammer" meets Film Noir.