Hey Fifteen

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Hey Fifteen


Liner Notes: 

For round 2 of SpinTunes we were supposed to write an advice letter to our 15 year old self. Life kicked my butt pretty hard and it took me a few years to recover.
So I'm on vacation having fun. I don't want to write this depressing song. I miss the deadline. Ok. I'll shadow round 3. Round 3 is rewrite the melody, harmony, etc to your round 1 or 2 song.
So I struggle through 3 completely different lyric sets. And I realize that my melody and chords are pretty much "Desperado" by the Eagles. I hated that song when I was 15. I don't feel like spending any more time on this. Not right now. This song blocked me for almost 3 weeks.


Hey Fifteen
What doesn't kill might make you weaker
At times it merely maims and scars
Leaves you bleeding on the street

Hey Fifteen
Don't let the bad times make you bitter
All choices have a consequence
Try to grow from each defeat

Everybody's damaged in their own peculiar way
Held together by hopes and dreams
And fifty yards of duct tape

Hey Fifteen
I wish that I had better answers
Í didn't ask the questions right
Searching for the stage

Hey Fifteen
I hope you packed your sense of humor
This journey seems ridiculous
Pilgrims in a Passion play

Everybody's living in a constant improv show
You start off with a premise
Then make it up as you go

Hey Fifteen
Hey Fifteen
Are you even listening?
Hey Fifteen

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I understand your reluctance to revisit teenage angst - there isn't enough money in the world to pay me to be 15 again! - but this is very well done and really rings true. Nice work!