Post-Apocalyptic Love Song

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Post-Apocalyptic Love Song



Liner Notes: 

This is the synthesis of "Earth Spirit" and "Love Conquers All"
I stole liberally from both songs
It's got me wondering what post-apocalyptic personal ads might look like


We climb out of devastation
Living in the past
Feed on the decay
Of vine covered factories
Rise from obliteration
Happy with my friends
A family on common ground
With open eyes we look around

We survive in the wasteland
Thrive with our mutations
I know, cuz I have seen it after all
I give you flowers
In the ruins of crumbled towers
Society will fall, but
Love conquers all

We lost faith in civilization
We all let somebody down
Used to believe
In concrete and machinery
Strong thru annihilation
Comforting and kind
We take the time to band together
Hand in hand we stand forever


The poisoned planet choked
Cities full of smoke
Windows of the skyscrapers
Went dark and broke
Rivers running free
Plants and greenery
Ignored the cries of extinction
And we replaced humanity


Society may fall, but
Love conquers all

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Great movie backing song! Smile Well done, lots of work in this production.

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This has such a good message and so well written. I love the love conquers all.

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nice synthesis! i can hear my and Georgie's song and yours stands on its own too. the middle 8 (esp windows of skyscrapers) i thought sounded very Bowie! i love this game Smile

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Very nice job! Love what you've done with the lyrics and really nice vocal!

Oh wow! What a great synthesis between mine and Wobbie's songs. You did it sooo much justice. Way to morph the two into a brand new song!

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Fantastic work on morphing two very different songs together!

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Beautiful song. Love the lyrics, backing and singing. A lovely song to listen to. Brilliant take on challenge.

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I had a blast synthesizing this song with @simpleiscomplex 's one. Looking forward to listening to the full chain. Thanks for including the chords (somewhere?) because that made it a lot easier for me to work with for the game. I love your inimitable vocal stylings. Thanks for sharing!! Smile

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I'm going through this chain backwards which is a curious experience, so I've heard this opposited and synthesized before getting to this point... imagine my delight to get back to this point and find a song with the same title as one I wrote many, many years ago (see here:! How cool! Anyway, this is a fine listen, jangling acoustic and some great twangy tremolo lead.

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Oh, very nicely done!! Not only is "Post-Apocalyptic Love Song" a great synthesis of the preceding songs, it also stands beautifully on its own. It particularly strikes a chord with me because I listened to this after days of following Harvey news coverage, including the latest on the exploding chemical factory.