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Play an Ukulele



Liner Notes: 

@Odilongreen had a question about burnout.
I wrote a silly answer about breakfast and long term relationships.
Then I had to write this song.


He said she's getting tired of eating breakfast every day
He's sick of having all those one night stands
Conversation bores him, and there's nothing new to say
Work's been making too many demands

I could say it looks like he could skip a meal or two
I'd hate to have all of his STD's
Why doesn't he shut his whining mouth and please give peace a chance
But a better solution came to me

Play an ukulele
The world seems so much lighter
Everything's brighter
When you play
Play an ukulele
Put all your junk behind you
And soon enough you find
You'll have a better day

She said I'm tired of being tired every day
I'm lonely, and I really want a man
I work two dirty part time jobs, for very little pay
No one listens, no one understands

I said I know this guy, a whiny narcissistic
He talks a lot, he's fat, has STDs
If you want, I'll set you up, but I'm not optimistic
Or you could spend some time with me


So they go out
They hit it off
They're getting married in the fall
I get sent straight to voice mail when I call


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That was not what I was expecting...a uke song about breakfast and STDs Biggrin some fun rhymes there, particularly narcissistic/optimistic

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It's true - I heard that ukelele has been scientifically proven in laboratory conditions to improve your love life, reduce STDs and reverse male pattern baldness. Great fun song.

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Great funny song and very true about the litttle Uke-friend. Very interesting twist