12 Times ...

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12 Times ...



Liner Notes: 

A few years ago, when my daughter was in late elementary school, she was struggling to learn the multiplication tables. So one 50/90, we wrote a few songs together to help her.
She's a teenager now and not so excited about duets with Dad (I just asked her). But the idea re-popped into my head the other day, so I did a new one.


12 times 1 – that’s 12 again
12 times 2 – 24, my friend
12 times 3 – well, that’s 36
12 sticks in 4 bundles – that’s 48 sticks

12 times 5 – same as 30 times 2 (that’s 60)
12 times 6 – 72
12 times 7 – equals 84
12 seashells times 8 – 96 on the shore

12 inches in a foot, 12 months in a year
12 days of Christmas cheer
Eggs and donuts come in dozens
Make breakfast for 12 of your cousins

12 times 9 – is 108
12 times 10 is 120 – isn’t math great?
12 times 11 is 132
12 times 12 is 144, that’s also 12 squared which means 12 to the power of 2

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Perfect and wonderful! Can you write a song for everything that I need to learn! I love the eggs and donuts and the cousins line!

Yes, if I had kids, I'd probably have many many many kids songs Smile

I remember, (this reminds me), learning the differences in money, nickle, dime, quarter, and size does not matter and 5, 10..., -- I was not a fortunate as your daughter Wink hahhh...

Anyway, --nice! Good stuff.

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This is nice. Surely it could be featured in an episode of Sesame Street. What a good thing to do for your daughter. I still remember the day when I could no longer help my daughter with mathematics homework and had to accept she knew more about it that I did.

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AWWW so nice and sweet . Well she will be back doing a duet when dad is not so much of an embaressment as we parents tend to be in some ages:) Very great tune.