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Liner Notes: 


(I've got another acoustic 12Str coming over today... gonna try it out with this... -- that elec 12 into a mix board, just kills me, and not in a good way Smile -- kinda sounds like a banjo, almost... not to offend the "banjo" Smile )

Another old one from the krappe-pile, -- when first trying to figure out how to put things together ("formal" writing-wise, that is). The hand written notes are "funny" to read now Smile

Anyway, I'm actually using my unusual 12Str elec... that, still kinda sounds outta tune to me... I checked the Intonation... and I know I do hit F and not C -chord last chorus to "see"/hear if OK to do, ... I don't know... as I listen less close, sounds "OK-ish" but not entirely.

(Direct into the Mix board, the 12 Str..., and not Mic'd via an Amp/Speaker is not the way to go!... kinda nails in the ear spikyness in tone, no guts like a 12 should have. Well, not how I've ever used it previously... just still sitting here from last week :), so plugged it into the board.)

So, too, ('cause someone commented, "hey no bass?" Smile ...) I quickly noodled in a Bass "line" ... just hit the roots since any rhythm at all with how I strum guitar... just way to busy and sounds very "all over the place" ... but, I do like the Bass in it, so left it (plugged direct into mixer too --fretless Fender Precision... so warm even used that way!). (And, was fighting with Audacity today... -- Audactiy was kinda krapping out a bit for no reason (kept realigning the tracks ON IT's OWN Smile ) ... likely choked on some Linux Mint thing... -- hope if fixes itself :), like it broke itself... -- really throws your timing off not to have the track aligned Smile Hahhh... )

Also, and finally, --sounds like it *really needs a drum track now with the Bass in the mix... huh... -- not gonna happen, presently, but, I hear it. It's funny how out front the Bass sound without a Drum Track to sonically hold it back. And, without the Bass, the 12Str does not actually sit that far back... oh, well, that's what overdubbing is for. Isolating that 12Str track would be really necessary for a real mix, not a demo-bounce track. -- Just say'in!



Don't have time to type this up right now, I'll get'em later... ... -- I guess just consider it sonically and format... the "literal" words may not appeal to some anyway...

And, --not that I really considered it then, written long ago..., is ABAB format "again"..., what else :) (It's only 2min... so, won't suffer long :) )

-- OK, I think this is all of it... had time, so here it is now:

Light’nings, all around you
Love’s knocking, at your door too
Water’s waking at your feet
Stars, are singing for your life too

Christ be, before me
Am G
Who would you bring against me too?

Do we hold the future
Does it come to us, in pieces through?
He taps out the tempo, of our pulsing blood
And pushes the life He gave, through our veins


The Lord makes all, for Himself
Even the wicked, for the coming day of doom
By the fear of the Lord, He makes peace with us
All the weights we use to measure, are His work too


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Still likin' your voice. Wish I could see the lyrics. Wink I don't have a problem with your ABAB form, since this is a "draft" anyway. Had a friend at breakfast this morning point out my own songs never have a Bridge. Gotta work on that. Nice job on this!

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I read your liner notes, but not familiar with different guitars and their sounds, so can't appreciate what's there as many might. I wondered if you used an different guitar or different method because I liked the synergy between the guitar and vocal sounds particularly middle to end. It had a lower sort of rumble quality that was unique and flavorful.