Cheapened and Lowered

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Cheapened and Lowered



Liner Notes: 

Started strumming these minor-key flavored chords, and, thinking of something equally spooky and fitting the mood, thought about a certain current situation here in the states.. (also was probably thinking of the skirmish topic 'revenge' , so I guess this is loosely a skirmish entry as well)

slightly more then the 'just guitar and vocal live' production here- with rhythm and lead guitar and vocal all recorded separately.


You’ve cheapened and you’ve lowered
The public rhetoric
You haven’t moved us forward
Made most everyone sick

You’re tone is in the gutter
With petty little whines
You’ve never done for others
Your narcissism shines

Corrupted public trust
And elevated lying
An era of disgust
To us is horrifying

And if the Constitution
Could end your reign of hate
It would be a solution
To save our ship of state

Every now and then I think it’s a dream
This may even be worse than it seems

You’ve cheapened and you’ve lowered
The public rhetoric
You haven’t moved us forward
Made most everyone sick

© 2017 M. Skliar

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Roddy's picture

Yes, this is a good song, the title is good and the lyrics sum up a whole raft of feelings and facts. It's good that we have songs that speak about what is happening. A minor key is certainly appropriate. The guitar parts are a pleasure to listen to - a kind of sixties flavour in the lead guitar adds a little element of protest and rebellion. There is no happy sing along chorus and that makes the verses stand out all the more.

cindyrella's picture

I am always interested in what you write about and how clever you are at protest songs. This is really exceptional!

Donna Devine's picture

Excellent, Mike. The minor key is appropriate, and the music sounds absolutely fantastic. A fine lyric. (Though on some level it almost seems a shame to waste noble words on such an ignoble quasi-human being.)

Jerry Pettit's picture

Nice job. Great balance on the multiple tracks. I'm afraid to start on protest songs myself, or I'll never stop... Seriously did enjoy this!

kahlo2013's picture

The words are so well written and insightful as all of your political commentary songs - what really touches me about this one is that instead of anger or frustration or disbelief is that I get more of a genuine feeling of sadness for our current state of affairs and that emotion is powerful here. Kind of an ominous feel that is compelling. We can't be complacent, can we?

Acousticmaddie's picture

You have both a very clever way of writing and of performing . I really love your VOX. Its absolutely a perfect performance of this fine political song.

tcelliott's picture

I liked that lead line right from the beginning. That second guitar is a nice (and tasty) touch. The relaxed vocal delivery worked very well for me.