Don't moon the moon

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Don't moon the moon




Liner Notes: 

Saw the titles/prompts for two or three skirmishes (moon, swimming, and laughter) and.. this silly thing kind of wrote itself.

Could only think of one verse so i did it twice (and made the second verse sound like some long lost 1930's recording, for the hell of it)


I should add that if you've never heard my stuff before, don't start here with this little silly throwaway! (unless you really want to!)

written and recorded in about 15 minutes, if that...


When you’re swimming and your bathing suit falls off and its in the lake at night
Just heed these words of advice and you will be alright
Don’t moon the moon
Don’t moon the moon
Don’t moon the moon
Don’t moon the moon
The moon will laugh at you, don’t moon the moon

(c) M. Skliar 2017

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How can I not laugh hearing this? Too silly and fun!

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Wonderful song. Could work in a movie scene. Very cool timing even without being repeated. Could also be developed into a bigger song with more lyrics if you find it of interest but works anyway. Loving your singing and playing. So happy and uplifting.

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That's funny! Short, concise, playful, and just fun.

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like the transistor radio retake in the second part. very fun and quite the good skirmish.

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Wow, this is a clever and just delightful little tune! Awesome guitar playing too! I enjoyed this one a lot!