Travelling in Style

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Travelling in Style



Liner Notes: 

Got a late start because I'm working. More a sketch of ideas, something to come back and polish
I know the second verse needs to match up with the first, and it's way off right now.


Malia's uncle has a dark green Cadillac stretch limousine parked outside his ohana
Some nights we sneak inside to escape the yelling of her cousins and the stench of marijuana
Windows are rolled up tight to keep out the brown dirt, roaches and chickens
We lay back on the vintage leather seats, talking softly, listening to the silence

Wind whipping the palm trees
The moon and stars dance a slow spiral
Some nights it seems we're moving

The engine's torn apart, a hundred pieces, scattered boxes
So you know we know we aren't going anywhere
Flicker of the streetlight is reflected in her smile
We're traveling in style
We're traveling in style

When Malia graduates high school she says she wants to travel overseas
See the wonders of the world before they're blown to smithereens
I've got a job at Jack in the Box, and I'm saving up for community college
She says I should think bigger thoughts, dream bigger dreams

Malia talks about Japan
She laughs and twists her hair
And schemes of ways to get there


It's getting late, the blue lights in the neighbor windows fade to black
A cousin's passed out in the bushes, it's time for me to get back
To the pink concrete two bedroom house my Mom rents down the street
Working late tonight to try to make ends meet

CH (but it doesn't make as much sense here as it should? Maybe do the Wind whipping PC before the CH?)

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Beautiful, vivid lyrics, I feel like I'm right there in Hawaii in the moonlight, and I appreciate that it's not really romanticized--the mood/theme reminds me a bit of Tracy Chapman's "Fast Car'. Would love to hear this put to music, so let me know if you get a demo up.