Moonlight Prowling

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Moonlight Prowling



Liner Notes: 

I have to go to work tonight, nap time now, so try to keep it fast.


The sun just set
It's not dark yet
My shades are drawn
I won't go out til the moon is
high above the mountains

Gray and black
Shirt and slacks
Dark sneakers on
I start to prowl when the moonlight's
Shining on the fountain

Miscreants beware
They stare in fear and run for the walls
I stalk the moonlit halls and starlit gardens
Shadow guardian
Scarred and battered
Light from my hands piercing the darkness

Moonlight prowling
Moonlight prowling

Ten is when I come to play
Up all night and sleep all day
Slight of frame and creeping through the doorways

(Miscreants beware)

Moonlight prowling (repeat a bunch of times)

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Sets a nice dark mood. needs music, obv., it'd be interesting to hear what music you have running through your head as you 'hear' it. I almost want to hear more of this character's story, bits more detail from past or present

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very mysterious. the most striking image is the light coming from his hands. the singsong quality in places, plus the evocative mood, make some sections seem like mantras. good work.