Redemption Rye [Revised, now with "music", noodling]

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Redemption Rye [Revised, now with "music", noodling]



Liner Notes: 

SC URL MUSIC ** WITHOUT ** THE BACKGROUND "NOODELING" "LEAD" ELEC. GUITAR...? ! ... Smile some of the "fishing" has to go... since is 1-take, first take...

** **

OK, so..., Redemption Rye from above in Lyric only... was on my mind and at this late hour felt motivated as well as tired... even dosed ... wow...

So, the Lyric got tweeked a bit too since now with real, played music... not just took a shot at, as in the chords named above. However, now it seems like it may be a bit dark... that night, (I edit this/these liner notes in later...), I think I had a bit of "ear fatigue" as well as it being really late, and etc. Funny how things sound "good/ok" one day and not the next... maybe. It's not a surprise, I usually try to wait and come back a few hours later. But, that's what "here" is for, one-take wonders Smile (Everyone is so busy with skirmishes, it'll be interesting to see what all develops from that.) Anyway... ...

I think I was thinking about this song when a few things ran through/threw Smile my mind...

I think, it will/may get tweeked again... with some place holder words used, or maybe I'll just leave'em, pending feedback (not that you'd know which are which Smile Hahhh...)

-- Also, if you can, "hear it" with a heavy, slightly overplayed drum kit, but mostly on turn-arounds, not through out.
So, derUgo.


F Am
The earth in your whole, it comes apart
Makes you feel the dirt, in your heart
Am C
Redemption rye, burns as it flows
Em A
Cleans it’s tunnels, longest row

Redemption rye, it makes me raw [high]
D Am Em
Makes me think of past times, long war [lie]
D Am Em A
Happy to have’em by song time gone [bye]

F C G G sus
When life hits you with piss and dirt, --redemption rye
When life hits you with a mission, smirk, --redemption rye [high]

F Am
Looking for heaven in easy pop cans, won’t find
F Am
Redemption don’t come from Pez news, lines
C Em A
It’s spout burns as it pours, crying from ..., stay tab pews

F C G G sus
When life hits you with piss and dirt, --redemption rye
When life hits you with a mission, smirk, --redemption rye [high]

F Am
If you say you believe, you better re - lieve
F Am
The Lord reaps what He sews, crown cork news
C Em A
Weed or wheat, hell or high water..., you won’t speak


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This has a raw, earthy, gritty sound to it. Burns like a shot of rye. That's not a bad thing. Some deep spiritual musings going on here too.