Dancing Shadows

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Dancing Shadows




Liner Notes: 

Superskirmish prompt 'The Moon'. An image of nighttime dancing shadows popped on my head and the song spilled out.


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Dancing Shadows

Dancing shadows on the windowpane
As breeze makes the leaves go wooo
Still moving through undiscovered terrain
Feeling the moon and you

Verse 1
Lying here
The restless sense of longing chased by fear
When I’m holding you near

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2
The moon glows
Gravity tides push and pull the undertow
As we grow
Learning replaces yearning the more we know

Repeat Chorus twice

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This is so tender and beautiful! Such a lovely gentle guitar fingerpicking and quiet vocals is perfect for the gorgeous sentiment. Great take on the skirmish!

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This is great, amazing amount of creativity for skirmish time. Love the delivery too, the voice inflections etc.

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SO honest and heartfelt and such agreat gentle delivery. Fantastic Andy

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This was very relaxing to listen to. Love the words and the guitar pattern.

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you could also list this in the arpeggio weekly challenge. the production seems like it could fall apart at any point, and hit a loud note, and it makes it feel like you are walking a very straight line very slowly and deliberately, as a part of the song.

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That chorus lyric is great, I like it a lot. And the first verse especially relays the emotion for me as that last line really brings the imagery into focus for me. The second verse really paints a picture as well. Your using metaphor very well here, imo.