Laughter Falling In The Trees

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Laughter Falling In The Trees




Liner Notes: 

Superskirmish prompt 'Laughter'. The background crickets (or whatever the insects are) outside provided the rhythm. I started with the basic I IV V7 I chord progression with variation substitution in the verse lines.


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Laughter Falling In The Trees

I hear laughter falling in the trees
Crickets Katydids Cicadas could it be
Rising crescendos droning loud as airplanes
I hear laughter falling in the trees

Woody woodpecker give us a bit of rest
Hollowing dead branches building a nest
Rising cacophony sounding quite insane
I hear laughter falling on the rest

Brown squirrels barking our bowl is empty
Burying acorns all day planting plenty
Gymnastic bird feeder antics hanging from a trapeze
I hear laughter falling in the trees

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Ah nature - always having the power to make us feel better. Very nice lyrics and song to go with them. Great collab with those insects. Wink

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Great reflection on nature and great use of found sound!

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Love the attention to the chord progression, nice. LOLed at Woody Woodpecker. Nice groove well established 3dr verse Tension buildup in that next-to-the-last line both words and music really strikingly good.

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Ahhhhh, totally got a Kermit "Rainbow Connection" vibe right from the get-go. Perfect!
Nature is a better musician that the lot of us combined. True story.

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That right there was gorgeous. Loved the scene, and oh, how I love hearing those katiedids.

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Brilliant take . Excellent nature-reflection. Very nice and soft performance.