Tease Me Tomorrow

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Tease Me Tomorrow



Liner Notes: 

Got sunburned at the beach yesterday. Not as bad as the person in the song, but enough to be hot, sticky and uncomfortable.


The areca palms are staring
At my sun burned back
They say "You know you're a redneck"
But shut up when they see my axe
I want heartfelt sympathy
As I sip my lemonade
Aloe coated lobster boy
Sitting in the shade

I'm not here to be your laughing stock
The butt of all your jokes
Please spare me your pun-ishment
And sarcastic wit
My lips are so badly chapped
They're bleeding if I smile
Tease me tomorrow
When I've healed a while

My t shirt is scratching
At my shoulder blades
It jokes "Next time use more sunscreen
And don't stay out all day"
I feel like stripping off my clothes
Lie in a pool of ice
Sipping on a lemonade
In a room that has no lights


So if you see me tomorrow
And I have a parka on
Shivering despite the heat
You'll know exactly what went wrong


Tease me tomorrow
When I've healed a while

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Oh, been there done that! Bad sunburn's no joke!

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This is funny but I am not laughing at you - I am laughing with you!!! I love the puns and the vivid images! And I too have been there and am sunburnt as I write! I like this a lot! Still laughing WITH you!