You're Out

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You're Out



Liner Notes: 

I thought I wasn't going to write. I thought I was going to go outside and play. I was wrong.
I think I was 11 or 12 before I understood the rules to baseball. So I never was very good at it.


I never learned the rules to baseball as a kid
I preferred riding bikes with my friends
Or building forts in the woods
So once when I was eight I joined some others in a park
Stood in the shade of a white oak tree
Then stood, bored, in a line

Swing, they yell
Hey batter, batter, swing
So I swing and miss
And they yell

You're out
And I thought that meant I couldn't play any more
You're out
So I walked out that rusty playground door
You're out
It was years before I played that stupid game again
I had more fun with other friends
You're out

I never learned the rules to flirting as a kid
I was busy running outside with my friends
Or playing guitar in my room
So once when I was fourteen I went to a high school dance
Stood at the wall in the disco lights
Bored girls in a line


A strike doesn't mean never
You're out isn't forever
So swingers, keep on swinging
But for God's sake, learn the rules
Who knows what fun you're missing
When you're scared and feeling foolish


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I love your story. My first softball experience was similar. I hit the ball but didn't know I was supposed to run. You're out!

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Nice connection of youth baseball to dances, let me know if this gets music.