Flat Car 254055

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Flat Car 254055




Liner Notes: 

Skirmish prompt 'Baseball'. I had written down railroad car numbers on the train ride home from Summersongs East hoping to use them to generate a melody or chord progression. In this case my random chord progression generation system came up with Bm6 D13 and E6, not your typical chords. Fretting was a little easier with the capo. Came up with the lyric loosely related vignette idea during dinner and then did a quick one-take recording.


Flat Car 254055
Guitar Capo IX; Chords (relative to capo): Bm6 - xxo2o1; D13 − 1ooo1o; E6 − 3xoooo;
Repeat Bm6 D13 E6 progression throughout

Flat car 254055
broke an axle on the Baltimore & Ohio line
Roy towed it to the Dubois locomotive yard
And said Bud can you fix ‘er up she’s gotta haul logs tonight

Bud said yeah I’ll fix er up in a jiffy
Won’t be that hard
Baseball dream is slipping away a little further each day

Bleacher pre-cast rows and beams hauled down the northeast corridor
To build a new park called Camden Yards
Tearing down the old memorial
Hopin for a pennant on the railroad cars

Mark sits through a second inning rain delay
Grounds crew rolling out the tarp
Baseball dream is slipping away a little further each day

Jorge dreams of playing for the Orioles
Rubbing his throwing arm on the Silver Meteor
Going to the open tryouts
Passing the old Baltimore & Ohio storage
And flat car 254055

Jorge’s parents only hope is that he’ll play
Baseball dream is slipping away a little further each day

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This has a sad nostalgic feel that rings true as slowly we recognize some of our dreams fade away. I love the connection to the broken down Fiat as that seems to also echo the lost dreams. Nice job with the words delivered over a gentle strum with some lovely melancholic dissonance.

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You certainly added an additional challenge to this skirmish with the random chord progression. There's also a touch of Springsteen in these lyrics.

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Stark images against a supportive background. It's true, many dream the sports dream, the musician dream, the rich guy dream. More often than not it gets derailed to unfamiliar background music.

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I love the metaphors you use and how it is so much like life. So true and you did great with this one

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Like a floating dream, entrancing and hazy, but loaded with a feeling of significance as one drifts through the images story shards and raw guitar. A nice listen for a warm dark night.

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Very cool delivery of these fine lyrics and Ialso love the metaphores painted in here.

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I really love these lyrics. What a fantastic story with some great details. Really nicely done, Andy!