Letter to the past

Letter to the past

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Liner Notes: 

I had written two songs about actual family members. I thought maybe i could reach back and find some distant ancestor, but not having all the genealogical tools, etc, I thought of just some fictional members of the family and what talking to them would be like.

(and yes, I did see a few Shakespeare plays this summer, great stuff.. )

Obviously there's a modern-day joke at the end, hopefully most folks will 'get' it...

Oh and I always wanted to use the word "oeuvre" in a song!

EDIT- after getting two comments about the phasing effect I had put on the guitar being distracting, I remixed it and left off the phasing. hopefully this is a less distracting mix!


not typed out yet , you'll have to listen

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Always love Shakespeare references--got a stack of books about him on my shelves. (My favorite class in college, despite being a math major!) You had me a "oeuvre"--especially, since I've never heard it pronounced before. Really enjoyed that but (friendly critique coming up) didn't like the panning back and forth of the guitar. Too much for me, especially given this genre. Good job!

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point well taken! I hadn't listened to the mix on headphones and, yeah, i did a remix without the phase shifting effect on the track...

Whoa that panning, it felt like my head was spinning. It worked really well in the intro and well, you get used to it. Cool tune and lyrical theme!

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thanks, and yeah, i took out that 'panning' thing, too distracting...

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Love anything to do with Shakespeare. I like that this is addressed to a nonspecific person who happened to be sort of Shakespeare adjacent. This is a really fun song!

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You're in your element on this song. Little jokes, little drops of wisdom and a few things that make you stop to think. I like this idea of writing a song to the past. I have written letters to my past self before....my ancestors would need help translating my modern English into their native languages.