Aunt Elsie

Aunt Elsie

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Liner Notes: 

The second of two songs written about family members, this is about my Aunt Elsie
(sister of my grandmother Ruth, who was married to and then divorced from my grandpa Sid, if you're keeping track at home..)

again, recorded quick on the iPhone, not sure if I'll go back and make a more elaborate recording, this may just be what's needed?


Aunt Elsie was my grandmother’s sister
She stood less then five feet tall
She looked a little like Golda Meir
While my grandma looked like Lauren Bacall
Aunt Elsie liked pickles and card games
Had a smoker’s cough from too many cigarettes
Her husband Ben died very young
The great uncle I never met

She lived in Brooklyn in a tough neighborhood
My mom said ‘don’t visit there’
Till she finally moved to Rockaway Beach
Salt water wind in her grey hair
I remember that apartment and those pickled vegetables
And that old black and white TV
And her and my grandmother laughing reminiscing
Old days with Ruth and Elsie

She died when I was in high school
Those cigarettes they did what they do
After Ben died she had never remarried
But she never seemed to be to be blue
She played cards with this old coot named Sam
Loved pickled herring and loved to laugh
But there are no recordings of her voice,
just a couple of old photographs

© M. Skliar 2017

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I can just picture her! Great lines and such vivid lyrics. Nice recording!

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Wow what a snapshot of someone's life portrayed in song. Loved it. The imagery and little details about her that you used was great. A fine tribute song.

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Delightful! Sounds like you've really captured Aunt Elsie!