My Grandpa Sid

My Grandpa Sid

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Liner Notes: 

This is one of two songs I wrote about some family members.
Most of this is true, and while its a little bittersweet, there's sweet in amongst the bitter, if that makes any sense.

recorded quick on the iPhone... left room for a guitar solo or something at the end but not sure if I'll go back and do it..


My grandpa Sid was an affable SOB, I never really knew him well
My grandmother had enough after 30 years, she told him Sydney, go to hell

My grandfather Sid went to law school, back in 1936
He only practiced law for one year, got caught trying to arrange a fix

He went into the hotel business in his mind he was a great success
Never would be pinned down on specifics, his past was always somewhat of a guess

In later years he was remarried, to a woman no one else liked at all
I never spent all that much time with him, just remember that occasional call

He talked about his Florida weather, he would speak in such broad clichés
He’d end by saying ‘kid I got my money on you’, that was his stock ending phrase

When he died and left it all to wife number two, none of us were very surprised
To us he kind of faded away, many years before he actually died

And I don’t want to fade away before I die, in the memories of those that are dear
I’d rather be a presence to the ones I love, not fly to Florida and disappear

You’re probably playing golf in the hereafter, you were a good golfer and a bit of an SOB
Way more attached to those golf balls then you were to your family

(c) M. Skliar

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Wow the 'faded away' like really hit home. That happened with my Aunty. Had to stop by and listen to this after commenting on your other family based song. Another portrayal using little details that paint such a vivid picture. Good work!

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Another wonderful snapshot of a family member. We all have relatives that are real "characters". It's a true picture of your Grandpa and it's not schmaltzy and you didn't paint him as a really fine fellow. Great work Mike

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Very effective character sketch; I feel like I have a very clear sense of the man. You manage to convey the moral of the story with good humor in the second-to-last stanza, without descending into being preachy or sanctimonious. I do get the feeling of sweetness -- or at least acceptance -- that underpins your memories of the man. And it makes me think, about how little time I spend with my own nieces and nephews.

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Haha - you sur brought him to life. Fun hillbilly feel.