Because You Ask Not

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Because You Ask Not



Liner Notes: 


Well, only because the feedback, as I read it is indicating that --the old stuff, sort of dashed off, yet not engaged thinking it's self endulgent and no one would care to hear it may not be the case, here's one that's so old and sketchy I actually remember not knowing "song" form and etc., or how to piece something together. It was an indistinguishable mess of notes, lyrics, arrows and etc... looked like an old note paper someone reused to many times. Anyway... so now here it is.

On the notepaper "verse 01"... looks like was a 3 line intro Smile ... now, verse one. then to chorus and the song form we all know an love ABAB. One can "read" that stuff all they want in the beginning and still not know what the heck that means... I remember. I try to clear that up for folks I attempt to "help out" now, today when asked for "how-to".

So, again, -- comment, feedback, it's all good with me... been very helpful. My "scrap/krappe" pile is getting thinner Smile ... I just have to get it into my own head others *want to hear it so can deliver it that way, if ever. I hear in the first line..., still not settled on singing the d-note or's in key but not the right chordal tone to harmonize with ... unless you-all don't hear it? (It kinda blows me away what other do/don't "hear"... love to know...)


I … I see your love …
I … I see your need
I … I see your love

Lord tell me what I need for peace
Lord tell me what I need to please
Lord tell me what I need to re – ceive

You … You know my mind
You … You know my kind
You … You know my time


Pro-mise… promise me won’t hurt me
Pro-mise… promise life won’t win me
Pro-mise… promise no fear of loss


Please keep your comments respectful, honest, and constructive. Please focus on the song and not the demo.


This is one of the more organic songs of yours I've heard. Had a real natural flow to it and quite obvious hook. I liked!

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I love the idea of taking a song that you wrote so long ago you've forgotten it, and then re-imagining it!
And I love your acoustic rock vibe so much. This is not folk music - it is heavy stuff that just so happens to be on acoustic guitar. I dig how this could be spiritual or to a possible lover. Intense and personal. Good stuff.

Oh, thank you, -- that's helpful..., I really appreciate knowing how you hear it. Great feedback, thanks.

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Your title triggers some connection of scripture to your song, BUT in your song you ARE asking, so "I'm Asking" or even more logical, "Lord Tell Me" might make a more fitting title. Nice vocals!