August Is Here

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August Is Here



Liner Notes: 

I love August in Florida! Sure, it's hot - and right now even hotter than usual. And sure, we had a tropical storm on the first day of August. But I have the beach almost all to myself, and I've finally learned what kind of plants in my yard can withstand Florida summer.
I've welcomed August with a song in at least three other 50/90s. And here's another outdoor recording - I've done a few this summer. I do them early in the morning or at night.


August is here, just like last year
Hazy not clear, lime in my beer

Lazy dogs, swampy bogs and
Hollow logs filled with chirping frogs

August is here, happens every year
Plenty warm, storm clouds form

Heat or rain, why complain?
Place your bet – what time do we get wet?

August is here, same time each year
Drink your water, September might be hotter

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Ah such a happy feel that captures the joy of the hidden treasures of summer! I never thought about Florida being quiet in August but that makes sense! It is refreshing to hear a song where someone makes the best of the weather! This transports me to the beach on a beautiful August morning! Although this has a barefoot laid back feel I don't think I'd be bearfoot on a hot sand beach in August unless at the water's edge!

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Really enjoyed this. Wish I was in Florida right now. I'm in Nebraska and it's in the low 60s. Nice, fun piece!

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Oh so lovely. great delivered, great lyrics and great homage to august