Mind v Brain

Mind v Brain

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Liner Notes: 

I had started another song or two which didn't seem to pan out even after spending some time with them. In frustration, this started out very late at night (and ended slightly later) with me just strumming an F sharp, thinking that perhaps a strange key would spark something or other. the first few lines were just stream-of consciousness and i went with the weird sort of existential and philosophical metaphor for another few verses before coming up with an ending- which I'm not sure is a good idea that ties it all together, or just a bit of a cop out, or maybe a bit of both! whattya think?


This isn’t your town, this isn’t your time
This isn’t your chosen game
This isn’t your cause these are not your lines
This isn’t even your name

This isn’t your language these are not your words
Its not about you or me
Pay no attention to what you’ve heard
Ignore everything that you can see

This isn’t happening it is not a song
Its not even an illusion
This can’t be labeled right or wrong
Can’t chalk it up to confusion

This is not a moment, not part of time
This is not a link in the chain
At best its only an event in your mind
which may not even be your brain

(c) M. Skliar

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Haha I love it, "This is not happening its not a song" Is brilliant
Excellent work mate

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Those tags are pretty much guaranteed to get me showing up with a comment, Mike. Biggrin

I love this. I dig the delivery, particularly the pause between "chosen" and "game" which really does it for me. The whole song is fun and thought-provoking. I don't encounter too many songs that touch on Cartesian Dualism or the Mind/Body problem, so as far as I'm concerned, you have GOT to keep that ending!

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This has a wonderful existential feel as well as a delightful quirkiness. Made me both smile and think. Effective song that I enjoyed listening to and am still thinking when is my time, where is my town?

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Well done, in all aspects, --sounds good, like it!

A specific granular song about abstraction. Nice.