Apple, Apple Where Have You Led Us Now

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Apple, Apple Where Have You Led Us Now



Liner Notes: 

Came up with a repeating melody (that I don't actually sing) based on the stock crawl for Apple and with the verses in G major and the chorus in A minor. That led to variations on the chord progression based on trying different chords based on the unused melody notes. Recorded on my laptop using the built-in mic and mixed with earbuds.


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Apple, Apple Where Have You Led Us Now

Verse 1
Tell me what to do standing outside the gate
Wheel keeps spinning
Into the chasm
Busted at the bottom

Apple, apple where have you led us now
A fall from grace to this nameless place
Apple, apple where have you led us now
Once claimed you’d save now looking up from this grave
Went from amazed to displaced

Verse 2
Oracle pull us through swimming inside this hate
Wheel keeps grinding
Into phantasm
Lost and forgotten

Repeat chorus

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Interesting and imaginative inspiration--using what "Apple" threw you. I'm very interested in the whole AI-derived music technology (which I understand isn't what you've necessarily done here). I use Band In A Box and my last couple of songs were based on random chord progressions the software came up with--slightly modified by me. Nice voice! Enjoyed this a lot!

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That phased loop (phased guitar?) playing alongside the triangle rhythm is really trippy. The lo-fi feel of this really works.

If only Steve was still around...

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The abstract lyrics were rather entrancing, and I very much liked the guitar and vocals, which contributed to the air of mystery and stream-of-consciousness. The relentless mechanical (?) sound in the background actually very much added to the atmosphere too, although it made me go nuts by the end, which I assume was the desired effect?