Enmity Inequity

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Enmity Inequity



Liner Notes: 


Ah, this one will sound different from the just prior since is in the "now" and has origins in legalism of a retired preacher of a pop-up, free form, non-denominational mall church... --so tightly wrapped in how he thought the world should be... was amazed he lived as long as he did... Folks like that usually screw themselves into the ground fairly quickly, intestines first... --geese.

So, derUgo...

(I felt sorry for the guy... you could not be his friend, it was entirely impossible, and yet someone, folks, engaged as a "Preacher". Well, this is not an explanation, only a source for "this", this lyric. I realize ? one would not get this liner note from that song..., but, if you knew'em, then you'd know Smile Live life complicated, or not, it's a choice... )


Enmity …, comes in
and feels, like a friend
but real friends, they, then, append
... so, wearily I, we, go

Strangers… surround me, thin
Sweetly… with darkened, pens
If real friends…, no longer delight
... so, carefree I, we, go

complexity beems in
complexities the bait
but friends still feel..., feel a sting
... so, carefully, I we, go

So when friends, start to fight
watch steps, in recent plights
friends the many, seem too know
... so, carefully, I we go

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Nice vocal. Great lyrics. I liked this a lot! We get inspiration from the strangest stuff, huh?!

This song is a soothing contrast from the previous one. Thoughtful lyrics and performance to match. I like it. A nice way to end the night. Smile

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Interesting story about a character that I recognise; would not be surprised to discover that they're more common than we suspect.

Great delivery, both with the instrumentation and the vocals. Like this one a lot.

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Abstract and heady, but I couldn't help but stay tuned to the narrative. I wish I had the ability to play guitar like this, but nonetheless I'm appreciative that I can listen to others.