A Yard Tour

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A Yard Tour

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Liner Notes: 

I saw the ten-songs-ten-seconds-each challenge and thought it might be fun to try. So I wondered what would make a unifying theme for ten such songs. Then it hit me--- I can give you a tour of the metalfoot yard! Here it is, in all its lo-fi, one-channel, one-mike, one-take-each glory. Enjoy!


apples in the backyard
are getting close to ripe

the cherry tree has cherries this year

saskatoon bushes are picked over by birds

raspberry bushes are looking really good

I'm not whining -- we have good grapes

Front flower garden is still a big mess
Something I gotta clean up I guess

Ash tree looking diseased

I need to use the fire pit more
With all the tree trimmings I've stored

I hate mowing the lawn
But it's gotta get done

We really should use our clothesline more
And our dryer less.

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Very well done! I enjoyed the listen. Great work on the different styles throughout. I could hear the differences in each song. You didn't repeat yourself once!

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I'm not whining... we have good grapes. I know this was just a quick exercise, but that is something that you should use in a full song... that's a funny lyric!

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Brilliant, O master of the 47 minute epic and the 4.7 second gem! Smile (I too especially like the grapes one.)

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I enjoyed this tremendously. My favorite section was the flower bed. I also hate mowing, for the record.

Excellent changing chords and strumming patterns for all 10.

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I love the theme of this, and you're able to make each song sound unique despite the identical lengths and the fact that each one is simply mandolin and vocals. I think 10 is my favorite. Great job!

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Ha! I felt like I was in your yard with you! Loved how we got a tour that even included the clothesline with a great message!!! Nicely done!

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Swell tour; it actually is very picaresque, and gives a quite vivid mental image in the ten-second "snapshots." I think 4 and 6 are my favorite, but there's not a weak entry in the bunch. It sounds like you had a blast; I certainly did listening. There's something just energizing about really short songs, especially when they're as fun -- and tuneful -- as these!

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Ha! This was great fun. I have to laugh at the similarities in our yards--- particularly the under used fire-pit and cloths-line... Mandolin Rocks!

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Brill! Fun tour, and nicely done with different sounds on each of the songs.

I'm jealous of all your fruit.

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I would love your yard. I am a total fruitaholic.

I hear you on number 9! For this exact reason I moved to a house with a paved back yard. But now I have to scrub weeds from between the stones instead of mowing a lawn. Seems you can't win.

That was fun, thanks for the tour!

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This was so much fun to listen to! Your yard sounds delightful. This gave me a great image of a dude wandering around his garden with a uke singing about each plant. I hope that's how you wrote this. It was very inspiring!

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I like your theme, and the one take on each - it flows nicely. I can relate to several of these (diseased tree and extra limbs down for sure). Nice mandolin playing too!

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Nice take on the challenge, cool choice of theme and making it feel like it all belongs. Nice mando/Merlin playing too.