Another Guitar Song

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Another Guitar Song




Liner Notes: 

A few years ago, someone (not active this year, I don't think) wrote in a forum about how boring guitar/vocal songs are. I took offense, but I don't think I responded.
But that's one of the reasons why, although almost all of my songs start with an acoustic guitar, I go out of my way to add many instruments and explore many genres.
But not here.
This one started as a country-ish song, and then I decided I wanted a Ramones-go-acoustic sound.


Whoa – oh – oh
Fuck it – just another guitar song
Didn’t take me too long
To write this guitar song
Fuck it – this is how it goes
No fancy solos
Just a guitar song

Fuck it – I’m a multi-instrumentalist
But here I insist
This is a guitar song
Fuck it – you might get bored
With just these two chords
But this is a guitar song

Fuck it – it’s the kind of day
For a throwaway
Guitar song
Fuck it – I’m having fun
And I kinda like this one
Just a guitar song

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Two chords and a ton of attitude. Funny song, Chip. (though I can't listen to this one with the kids in the room!)

mike skliar's picture

ha, great fun, attitude to spare, and those 'oh-oh-oh's are great!

headfirstonly's picture

I *love* the emotion in that first line. And I totally empathise - even if I initially thought that this was going to be a song about getting another guitar. I'm all for that, too.

This one left me grinning.

Acousticmaddie's picture

YEAH I love the fuck-it intro. great flow, and the flow and attitude in this one is great

1B King's picture

I think I just found my favorite song of the summer. I can always find one of your songs to make me laugh Chip. Smile