Ribbons of Jicama (instrumental)

Ribbons of Jicama (instrumental)

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Liner Notes: 

This is a guitar instrumental written in DADGAD tuning. I recorded it quickly on the iPhone but decided to do some post-recording processing in audacity to flesh it out a bit. (It's got the old 'Beatles double fade out ending' so listen till the end for all the 'effects' etc)

The title comes from a dish at a vegan/vegetarian restaurant I went to a few months ago, the name stuck with me. At the time, we all thought 'this is a great band name'


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Sweet riff and I like the fx too, brings a unique vibe to it Smile

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Wonderful riff that transports me to a delightful energetic and upbeat frame of mind.

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Jicama is one of my favorite root veggies (which is what made me click on this). I loved the guitar playing. Very energetic cool vibe. And you're right. It is a great name for a band.

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The panning effect adds to the cool vibe. Really nice tune, Mike!

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Just heard this on the jukebox. Enjoyed it a lot. Just wanted to say thanks! .