So I Pray

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So I Pray



Liner Notes: 

Another song of a spiritual nature - I think I'm doing more of these than in past challenges. And my last one was both spiritual and NSFW!
And another harmonium song. A cool sort of accordion/organ instrument used in yoga's devotional music. My dog hides when I play it.


Me and Jesus, we’re all right
He came to me in my darkest night
Me and Jesus, we’re OK
So I pray

Me and the Buddha, yeah, we’re tight
I’m far from enlightened, but he’s shown me some light
Me and Buddha, we’re OK
So I pray

Me and Krishna, we’re on the same page
He’s guided me in the battles I must wage
Me and Krishna, we’re OK
So I pray

Me and Divine Mother , we got a bond
Don’t need a shrine to know what’s going on
Me and Divine Mother, we’re OK
So I pray

Me and God, share love so dear
Whatever the form always near
Me and God, we’re OK
So I pray

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I like the feel and sentiment of this with the openess to God in all forms and beliefs. I can imagine this in a prayerful sing along where people add a verse that speaks to their belief. I like the broken vocal chord on I Pray. Great song that will stick in my head!

That harmonium works really nicely, well sung. The open lyrics are good as well and as stated above leaves a lot of space, cool tune!

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Sounds good, harmonium sounds like a perfect accompaniment. I can't quite decide whether you are celebrating or gently mocking the casualness of the relationships with all these prophets and deities, but maybe that's the point of the song, the two aren't mutually exclusive.

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It's been a long time that I listened to a harmonium. Nice! Smile

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Nice choice with the harmonium.....I think that you've got a great melody on this. I can totally see starting out really mellow and with low instrumentation. Then add the harmonium on that second verse with more and more build up with more instrumentation. Then, hit a crescendo on the Divine Mother and diminuendo at the end...

I can totally hear this with some percussion and more strings. It's a lovely song.