Truck Girl Beer Repeat

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Truck Girl Beer Repeat




Liner Notes: 

This song is a collaboration of @tsunamidaily and me via the Random Collab challenge (
He asked me to give him a title to write to. In the comments to @igg's song "Country Music Don't" ( @cindyrella used the formula "Trucks, girl, beer and repeat" to describe a certain type of country song.
Well this didn't turn out as a country song even if I tried... I also ignored some of @tsunamidaily's stage directions. Reason is I really suck at solos.
Note to self: Handclaps and tambourine missing

Some drum phrase samples, Hofner 185 bass, Acoustic guitar

tsunamidaily sez:

i was glad to be given this title to write lyrics to in the random collaboration challenge. it took me much longer to finish than usual, which seems to be a theme this summer. since i somehow write mostly country songs, though hardly in this vein, i figured i could hit the rhythm of a country song. but the voice had to be correct-- a bit un-self-aware, almost oblivious, but likable enough. the 50s treatment was different than what i heard in my head, but fit it very nicely. and so concise! i strive for concision, and @sph nailed it in that regard. i am quite chuffed at his realization!


truck, girl, beer, repeat

(c) 08.01.2017 time and ink


it's always the weekend in my song
looking for another game of beer pong
laughing and loving loud and long
put the beer on ice; let's go muddin!

got the
world on a string and a song and a prayer
i'm driving off-road and i'm walking on air
takin a load off without a care
the world doesn't owe me nothing.

verse 2 GOING OUT

we stop
by the car wash on the way to the bar
then cruise the strip where the girls are
we don't need to wish upon no star
because we are the ones to beat.

i'm weekend royalty wearin my crown
raring to knock the first domino down
i'm always up for another round--
of truck, girl, beer, repeat.


truck. girl. beer. repeat.
works so well it feels like it's a cheat
maybe it ends in the back seat
truck, girl, beer, repeat.


so come along
as we search out a still-open bar
we can
pick up more girls in my truck than a car
it's a formula that's gotten me thus far
i'd say my life is pretty sweet.

i'm always up for a little company
i cruise through
my life like forrest gump on speed
and the
way it goes down is really something to see
truck, girl, beer, repeat.


-------------------> SOLO


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The lyrics grabbed me from that tremendous first line -- "It's always the weekend in my song" sets the mood wonderfully -- and the 50s-rock performance absolutely brings the fun. No, this may not be country -- and I'm another performer who can't write to a genre, so I get it Smile -- but it is a toe-tapping wonderful time, and that "truck, girl, beer, repeat" refrain is absolute gold.

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This is huge fun - love the rolling bassline that powers this along and the slapback echo vocals are just what's needed. That hook is earworm material, too - nice one!

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Awesome! That bass line drives it all along nicely. Definite 50s vibe and catchy as all get out. What could be better?! Not much!
Lyrically solid. Perfect mind pictures created. I think I've met that guy before...
Good stuff!

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Really nice job, guys! Good job on lyrics and great job on vocals and arrangement!

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I like the hopped up "Uncle Johns Cabin" feel of this music. "Pick up more girls in a truck than a car." I love that line!
An enjoyable listen from two fantastic collaborators.

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LOL @ "Forrest Gump on speed". This a fun lyric and I like the rock 'n' roll implementation. It's almost got that kind of Ramones bubblegum feel to it, but the cool vocal echo gives it a different vibe.

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I really like the treatment of your vocals in this and it plays nicely off of the guitar (short or gated delay?) Short and fun and punk-rocky!