After The First Death

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After The First Death



Liner Notes: 


I believe most folks here, interested, will discern the last couple of songs are from that same period from > decade ago, and thought then, not OK to play out. There is, imo, a similar sonic theme, and etc. thread in all of them. If I were famous, I'd have two albums out this year Smile Hahhh.

These songs, though I have not forgotten, yet have not sung them until today, etc. in years, --and, I think that, that can be heard... which is fine for this context, supposed to be all new, and etc. (Yet some spoke of a resurrection theme to finish stuff in the pre-forum.)

These last few, to me, feel more like a full band, or at least 3-4 piece is where they may live comfortably, and elec w/acoustic with heavy 4/4 rock-heart beat, and etc.

SoDerUgo Smile


[Sorry, verse order changed... and did a cut and paste, --maybe it matters, maybe not :)]

*Verse 3
A5/C A5 G5/A A5
It’s your choice, … … that separates you
Change your mind, … … and change your life
Imperfect one, … … … will remain … but

Be – lieve, Christ – remains, … … with you

*Verse 4
A5/C A5 G5/A A5
Has your crying, … … shook the air
Unearthly howl, … … pain from the soul
Is it si - lent gasps of air

Be – lieve, Christ – remains, … … with you

*Verse 1
Don’t doubt, your pain is real
Let life, reshape your site
His blood, will be yours too

Believe, Christ remains, with you

*Verse 2
Second coming, it’s too soon
The other side, wants you too
Give up, your aching heart

Believe, Christ remains, with you

*Verse 5
Die now, second death we’ll cheer
You are your thoughts, … liv’ em correct
Suppress this life, fulfill your love

Believe, Christ remains with you

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Yeah a nice slice of country rock here. Liking the supportive guitars that add to the vibe - a bit Doorsy/Berry in paces. This has a kinda Christian country rock feel to it if that's what you were going for? Good one.

Hey, thank you for those observation comments. It's much appreciated!

Yes, as you know, if ever got fully produced or played out... well, the acoustic sound may be part of it, but, far heavier, full and yes more "Rock", how I define it... --funny how that word has so many sonic definitions now. Definitely not pop, more "heavy metal" (old school HM, ala Rock of circa '70... "Sound City" tracking... ish...) Smile

You do know if I refer to you as jimminycricket, it's 'cause you're "special"... and I don't want to fill your "My Mentions" up with my "krappe" Smile ... just, say'in... --sounds close enough to the Jibbidy - age Smile Hahhh, acronym... (I figured when saw that, it was an acronym, then you told all its basis, but forgot now, a year later... )

Oh, well, SoDerUgo Smile

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My only critique would be that this needs to be closer to 4 minutes instead of 2. LOL
If this was revamped from older days, I'm glad you brought it out and posted it... candy to my ears.

Oh, you are very kind. Thank you for the comment, feedback.

So I'm hearing some low rhythms here in this one, which is good. It certainly adds to the full band sound - nice. Which reminds me - your profile pic shows a bass guitar, but I don't think I've heard that instrument featured in any of your songs yet. Wink

Hahh, I know you are a very observant person anyway, but yes, you are correct! Smile

Hard to believe in some circles I'm referred to as the "drummer"... eh..., well that depends on who else may be there Smile

Yes, I guess since it's more engaged with Lyrics and the Acoustic seems to facilitate that.

Actually, I was "instructing" a group recently and I was spontaneously creating lyric with a hand drum... to emphasize the sylabic rhythm, melody and how we can speak a beat. There was an interesting post, I think facebook our group there, were, -- a drummer, "drummed" a comedic TV sitcom, the rhythm of the spoken word comedy... very cool example of the above.

If I ever slip in a Bass, it would be mostly a root note emphasis and likely what you hear on the low end of guitar with a "run" between pentatonic positions about a third away from the root, and likely key note ... it's just such a comfortable sound.

I've actually learned all the funk stuff, popping and slapping... and I still wind up with a two finger right hand rhythm, --so much smoother.

One thing I picked up from the funk bass side was playing the root, fifth, octave as chord, a very nice sound on bass. Gets to muddy to do more than that. Just need a place to use it. And to just jam on it, gets old fast... like "ok, what else you got"... I guess I'm more of a total project guy, than a "chops" guy with not song. I'd rather have the song then Smile Hahhh...

Oh, well, ran on a bit... appologies... -- you are a very observant person!