First The Angels Come

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First The Angels Come



Liner Notes: 


It was really late when I recorded this last night, super tired... may come through. And, so "new", you will hear me "fishing" for the Chord-tone to sing... I gotta nail that down, and write it on the lyrics sheet and sing it a bit more... but, -- this is the Framing for it... regardless of vocal intonation.

So, what this was,
-- a true story. Yes, indeed. (Believe as you like, of course)

A close family member was passing, but "unfortunately" (?) ... slowly. Unfortunately we all can't have a great day, fall asleep and then just not wake up ("unfortunately" -defined).

So, we, or I had many "last calls"... on my way there that day,
-- I felt like playing my guitar so stopped in a local shop and got one (I then gave away, -- didn't to keep it). Anyway, fortunately it was a private room with a door, etc., and I guess I don't sing to badly so was tolerated in this County Hospital (no, one can just start singing in a public hospital Smile ) .

-- So, I sat down and started to play, and "they came" in the room. I just kept playing. It was sort of a paralyzing feeling, but not in a bad way, knew what was happening, we all did, -- it happened. So, wrote this song about it so I would not forget. I need a burning bush every day :), so to speak. I tend to see life as one lone halucination anyway... not to be believed Smile LOL!

... ... Anyway, after a while, "they" left, and we both acknowledge, chatted about "that". And, well, that's it. (They wanted to stay, and did for a little while longer, and in the end, could not speak... dieing, well, it's hard to say what it is... but, it's not puppies and kittens raining down... well, it seems... anyway.)

Again, never thought to play this out, -- but as the other recent ones, I guess, and pending other sources of feedback, stuff like this may be sought to be heard by other?!?

It's a bit cumbersom to play, for me anyway, since is a chord fragment lick I can play as the chords. But, to me sounds better as the fragments arpeggiated jumping my middle finger up the g-jangly chord form again. But, it's so easy to flub up, but can do it "sloppy" as you hear, here Smile The 12 Str is a blessing and a challenge... as stated in prior Liner Notes (a recent short term instrument I got hold of).

Some folks said, keep the "back ground" guitar in, (elec. "lead" noodling...) -- so did more of that. There's not much I can do and "serve" the song... -- maybe even went to dynamic in some spots, but, it's so short and back up into the track... should not be to distracting. Any ideas on "lick" isms, do let me know... you can name the scale and do a verbal, "doo... da da da" thing, if care to. I'll get it.

SoDerUgo Smile


First the angels came, and asked was she read to go.

Am G D
No not yet, but soon she said, my sons singing me a song.

Am G D
So one sat down, with out sound started to hum along.

C F D4
Amazing grace, how sweet the sound … …

(Chord break)

Am G D
You get this choice from Jesus’ voice, … … as … Gods … own.

Am G
We’ll be back soon some time next week, … your spirits perfected,

But your body’s now weak. … …

Am G D
So don’t take long, we need you now, no longer at His feet.

You’ve grown so much, He’ll silence your speech … …

G D D4, D9sus, D (Chord break, 2x lightly)
The sight of God will loose this reach … …

Now … … you’re Gods … … own … … (3x’s)

First the angels come, and ask are you ready to go.

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Like the melody, very emotionally powerful song, sounds good. I believe you about the angels, can't see them myself, but I just think some people interact with the world on different frequencies.

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Of course, you know me, I read the lyrics before listening and give that as an impression, then follow up with the listening. I am SO moved by the lyrics of this song. They touch me deeply as it expresses a sweetness in the relationship between the son and his mother. I can really feel the emotion in this song of both mom and son. It makes me take a step back. Now for the music: This is my new favorite of yours. I love the two guitars on this track and you have a great vocal melody. Its emotional, yet with potential to be even moreso. I think this is the one you need to perfect, spend your time on--cause ITS my favorite!!! Get the articulation down on this one and move with it! Its fabulous!

There's a lot of story going on your lyrics and the liner notes as well. Thank you for sharing this with us.