The Most Useful Tuning Is

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The Most Useful Tuning Is




Liner Notes: 

Song one of two written and recorded on iphone outdoors on my lunch hour. US 41 bridge traffic and backside wind from Tropical Storm Emily in the background. Another list song.


The most useful tuning is.......

one I don't know
a trip into awkwardness
captured with ignorance
A journey to bliss
scale between random
unnerving degrees
tossed in the tempest
in the sea

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Yeah! Do this everyday at lunch! Your picking is hypnotic. And the storm sounds are great! Hope you didn't get rained on!

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Your guitar pattern weaves a place of tranquility in all the environmental noises. Best way to spend the lunch hour I heard of this week!

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what a wonderful example of spontaneous composition- the music and lyric willing itself as part of the meta-writing process too- well done! and the background noises work well with this! great idea, nicely done!

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I love the "Andy making music outside" songs if only because I think the first song of yours I ever heard was one of this type in FAWM 2016. Smile Nice stream-of-consciousness stuff here, my friend.

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What a great way to spend a lunch break. Wish I had that opportunity too. Interesting tuning indeed.