Interesting Times

Interesting Times

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Liner Notes: 

I hadn't written anything for about two weeks, and was away for part of that time.
Was playing acoustic guitar earlier, and played around with two kind of funk chords, and the lyrics just seemed to come. Not surprisingly for me, reflecting the somewhat-current political situation, perhaps.

gave this one much more of a production, with two tracks of guitar, bass, harmonica, vocals, hand drum, and shaker.


So many sideshows in this big tent
Everything is broken or else badly bent

Every day the madness gets worse
Like an illustration of that Chinese curse

May you live in interesting times, interesting times
May you live in interesting times, interesting times

To untangle the threads of this tangled web
You’d need a rope that goes from Washington to Zagreb (thru Russia)
If you’re not concerned you’re not paying attention
This reality has got a few extra dimensions

Follow the money, and find the crimes, interesting times
Everywhere you look, telltale signs, interesting times

A cosmic joke with a tragic punchline
Losing our minds in these interesting times
(Instr verse…….)

May you live in interesting times, interesting times

Will the bitter turn sweet like fine wine
Or will we all become vinegar, in these interesting times

May you live in interesting times, interesting times

(c) 2017 M. Skliar

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owl's picture

I like the way you've played around with line lengths and rhythms here--works well with the style. The repetition of "interesting times" is really an earworm!

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Yes, these are interesting times! You did such a great job in writing and performing this!

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Good funk groove going on here. I agree with owl... I like the asymmetrical lines. It keeps it really interesting (see what I did there?). Also like circus metaphor to lead. Also also gotta love a rocking harmonica!

3tdoan's picture

Oh lordy, I think of this curse just about every single day. We live in interesting times indeed! Not just political, but environmental, technological. Really cool funk chords and I particularly like the tangled web extended metaphor, to the extra dimensions! I dig the arrangement too. Laidback Smile