Silence, What Is Silence

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Silence, What Is Silence




Liner Notes: 

A bit of overwhelm and fatigue, with a busy day first home after going to Summersongs East 2017. Today I still felt stuck so on my lunch hour I went to Centennial Park and sat under the US 41 bridge. I tuned my one step down guitar further to one step below DADGAD and played around with a descending two finger chord progression with CGC or a C5 power chord as drone strings. The GYAWS prompt this week is "Silence". I started getting all philosophical and made a quick list of what is not silent, transmuted it to the lyric, which is kinda muted on the iphone recording.


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Silence, What Is Silence
Open C4 CGCFGC tuning Chords: Cm - ooo(10)(10)o; Cadd9 - ooo99o; Cadd9* -ooo77o; C7 - ooo55o; Cm6 - ooo44o; C6 - ooo22o; C4 - oooooo; F4 - 555555; Bb4 - (10)(10)(10)(10)(10)(10); A4 - 999999;

ll: [Cadd9*] :ll

Verse 1
Whispers on the wind. White noise gray wails
[Cadd9*] Echoing chamber, Train rumble on rails
Overheard conversation, Jet ski sensations

Repeat Intro

Silence, what is silence?

Verse 2
Rainbow reading senses, Putting up fences
[Cadd9*] Echoing through halls, Building more walls
Earbuds up to ten, Start all over again

Repeat Intro

I want to stop and breathe
Feel the sensation inside
For one glorious sonic assault repreive
With peace of mind belied


Repeat Intro

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I love the spontaneity! For an improv, it flows together nicely. The random background noises also seemed to be playing along with you.
And I love this tuning! You'll have to teach it to me someday. Smile

mike skliar's picture

nicely done!

how was summersongs? I went to summersongs east one of the first years they had it, back in long-ago summer of 2001, had a great time!

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I'm looking at the summersongs website looks like a nice thing to do and probably you learn some new tricks and tips as well, I wonder if there is something like that where I live. Cool riff you use on the song, most (younger) people don't experience silence anymore, in the public transport they all have ear buts.

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"What is silence?" A very good question... seems hard to come by these days. This is very well done! Smile