Foul-Mouthed Preacher

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Foul-Mouthed Preacher




Liner Notes: 

I wrote this and one other one very quickly on Saturday morning in a burst of NSFW inspiration.
Three days later, I still hadn't posted this, and I thought maybe I'd re-record - make the chorus different, add some piano. But no - here's the original, captured in the moment. You can even here the dryer in the background because I forgot to turn it off.


He stood tall in the pulpit, trying to save our souls
Young folk probably thinking he was out of touch and old
But he knew just how to command his flock of many feathers
Yelled, “Time has come, everyone, to get your shit together!”

I like my foul-mouthed preacher, shepherd of the Lord
Who ain’t afraid to say “Goddamn!” when folks are getting bored
A righteous man who knows that love reigns down whoop-ass on hate
I like my foul-mouthed preacher who gives it to you straight

He’s well-read and learned, some might say a scholar
Usually soft-spoken, but he’s been known to holler
And if you’re still not listening, he’ll grab you by the collar
Let you know in certain words God wants you standing taller

I like my foul-mouthed preacher, says what’s on his mind
Only when necessary, most of the time he’s kind
Do unto others, or else he’ll call you out
But he knows it’s OK to fuck up, and it’s all right to doubt

I like my foul-mouthed preacher, tells us what needs heard
Knows that no one’s gone to hell for his choice of words
Sometimes he shakes his fist, most times he shakes your hand
I know my foul-mouthed preacher truly understands

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Clever lyric! Might need another cuss word or two! Wink

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Fun! I like how even when talking about a foul-mouthed preacher, the vibe of the music is relaxed and laid-back; the folksy atmosphere keeps the song light and witty even as it includes a couple of well-placed profanities, reflecting the dual nature of the titular preacher himself.

I don't understand what the hell your talking about? Smile Not one word about a chicken, nor any other kind of bird?

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Great lyrics love the image in But he knew just how to command his flock of many feathers

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That first line drew me in (it's stellar) and that entire first verse is excellent. This is a good one. I can picture every little detail in my minds eye.

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Fun idea and well executed. Love the country vibe. The style of the music and lyrics reminds me of Johnny Cash :-).

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Hey, fun song. Growing up a Methodist in Georgia our preachers were more circumspect. I like the shakes his fist / shakes your hand bit. Great story.

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I absolutely love your story songs. They are always the highlight of my listening. I love all of this, every word and note. Smile