Xian Pain

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Xian Pain



Liner Notes: 


Well, I guess my trend in the moment is to pull "stuff" from >10yrs ago.

Again too, never figured I'd ever play this for anyone and had been in the "junk-file" a while... and in/out, etc.

Today I had a chance to use a 12 String Acoustic, and mic it... needs some "nut-action" filing and one can hear me struggling a bit with the string pressure (my acoustics are elec.-guitar action levels... and this one was not bad, but that double string on B and E... ), well, I only had it in my hand minutes when pulled up these lyrics.

I find it interesting that something, to me so old, and never played, --the right hand rhythm is the same. I was thinking really rework it for here, now... but, -- it is, what it is, want to be. This song came from a time I was on, as the doctor said, levels of synthetic pain killer that would kill anyone if taken with out ramp-up. So, with this one, I guess I was being a bit literal Smile

I was thinking of secularizing it a bit... but, figured, I could still do that later. My concern is, then it may not make sense, --not that it does now Smile Hahh

-- SoDerUgo


Terror… teaches me my shape

Pain… causes me to mold

The-Lord reveals my content

G F C sus4 C
God the Father provides the way

Where the seats have not been named
And their number can not fail
That’s-where I want to take you
God the Father provides the way

Use-life to create yourself
Allow angelic friends to help
That’s-where I want to take you
God the Father provides the way

Job did not give up
God gave it all back
That’s-where I want to take you
God the Father provides the way

We push and we shove
And hurt the ones we love
But-we all die along the way
God the Father provides the way

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Good to know you didn't become one of those statistics I've read about. Sounds good, and like the melody shape, and angels make regular appearances in songs, which is the perfect place for them.

Oh, thanks for that. The lyric always seemed a bit too self indulgent... so "kept it to myself". Now, reaction is, it's something that may be shared?

-- Oh, and yes, the physicians were surprised (now I know why), no rehab, just me an my wife, 2 x's no less. To stupid to know better and just figured it out myself. Now I get the "movies" with the skin crawling and etc. -- a real thing. I guess most folks can't endure it. I like living with my wife! :), all the motivation I needed.

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Good relationships are wonderful things, pleased to hear your wife gives you all the motivation you need.

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happened again... check messenger. Sorry, paste there so as not to lose it.

It's funny - when I first saw this title, I thought it was referring to a Chinese person's name. But now I know Xian means Christian. Nice. Smile

Oh... yes... -- hey, if remember correctly from old Chinese friend... that X sounds like "chow"...? correct? I think her name was Xia Liang... "chow-sha lee-ang" ... oh... ..., it's been a long time now. First Chinese person I ever really got to know, --well. She was smuggled out, post Tiananmen Square, event... she wound up in publishing here too Smile She was a very blunt, funny and extremely helpful person. Had allot of authentic love for people, --don't see that to much in people, but she had it.

Fun to know? -- She warned me away from the approaches of some older Chinese women, doing a proposed marriage with me, and their daughter. Hahhh... that was an eye opener. One said to me, "after marriage, you will be getting an Advanced Degree, even PhD, -- *correct*!" ? Hahhh... Smile (If she was paying for it, I thought to myself...). Anyway, just a weird annecdote for you! (Yes, I didn't think that Xian would look Chinese :)!)

I've known some great people in my life... just, never seem to stay connected, --sadly.