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Liner Notes: 

I'm blending the "Advise" and "Arpeggio" challenges. I had a really hard period of sleep. Like four hours a night type of hard. It was making me cranky. I bought a book on how to sleep smarter and one of the recommendations was "earthing" - basically going barefoot on the morning damp grass for 20 minutes or more each day. It had other things too, but this song is about what I've learned about "earthing. I've read books on it, and watched multiple YouTube videos and purchased some of the products to help us "ground" in the house. Your results may be different, but I'm sleeping again and have become a believer in "earthing".

So here's my advise in a dulcimer song.


In every developed nation
We’re fighting with inflammation
We’ve lost what we had from birth
Our connection with mother earth

Earthing – Grounding
Feel the flow
Mother Earth loves you so

In weather with rain or frost
Grounding mat’s at little cost
I get to a deeper sleep
When close to the earth I keep


If your doctor calls it a silly health kick
Remember money’s made when you’re sick
Close to the earth is how we survive
Earth energy helps us heal and thrive

Chorus X 2

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Oh I love this one Darci! Earthing – Grounding
Feel the flow
Mother Earth loves you so


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Oh this is very nice, the dulcimer sounds lovely and the whole song really gives me that earthy, flower-child feeling

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Nice song with a strong message delivered sweetly with your lovely voice.

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I can'r believe I haven't commented on one of your songs til now! You're in lovely voice, and I like the gentle and hypnotic strum of the dulcimer.
I'm barefoot much more often than not. Even at work.

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Especially with your beautiful voice and the simple dulcimer accompaniment, this has the feel of a centuries-old English folk song. The chorus is especially lovely! Very nicely done.

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I like how you've used the grounded perspective when looking at the bigger picture. I like what you say in this lyric.