Keep On Truckin'

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Keep On Truckin'



Liner Notes: 

I used to have a co-worker who used this phrase in his written correspondence all the time. It didn't matter if it was a work-related email, a congratulatory note, or a sympathy card - he'd invariably have "Keep on truckin'!" next to his name. Sometimes, it was inappropriate. But even then, it was also kinda awesome. I worked with him for six years and he always addressed me as George or Wayne (my name is Stephen). What a strange guy. hehe

Anyway, it seemed like a good enough title for a song. Smile


Keep onnnnnnnnn truckin'!!!

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Man, do I love this! I always like your guitar picking and approach to traditional blues.
Do you listen to Hot Tuna/Jorma Kaukonen? (I may have asked you before.) He's keeping alive the spirit of folks like Rev Gary Davis, Robert Johnson, etc. And Jorma is no spring chicken - he knows this kind of music.
Your guitar work is dead-on, and something I aspire to. I would love to do some picking with you.
Me, my wife, and our daughter are fond of saying "Keep on truckin," and variations thereof. Including "Keep on keepin' on."

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Jorma Kaukonen... wasn't he with Jefferson Airplane back in the day?

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Great bluesy playing. Love the dexterity of the playing! You won't be offended if I secretly hope to bump into you at LMQ or Quest sometime.... sit around, try out guitars, talk music... would be awesome...

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Totally awesome blues! Love the execution - your technique is wonderful. Fantastic!

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Wonderful vibe! I always love your guitar playing. This is just wonderful.

I enjoyed the backstory as well. Smile

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This is so freaking cool!

Lyrics, music, performance. Fantastic! Good